South Side All Stars Doing Barnyard Hits

Selected Tracks

  1. Cold Cold Feeling South Side Slim 1:00
  2. 29 Ways to My Baby's Door South Side Slim 1:00
  3. My Woman's Gone South Side Slim 1:00

Full Album

1. Cold, Cold Feeling (3:54)
2. I’m Not Drunk I’m Just Drinking (4:07)
3. Treat Me Like A Dog (2:33)
4. Twenty Nine Ways (4:21)
5. Somebody’s After My Freak (6:22)
6. I Smell Trouble (6:15)
7. When You Leave Don’t Take Nothin’ (5:34)
8. I Must Be Jinky (4:28)
9. Stormy Monday (5:53)
10. Long Time Coming (4:24)
11. Hidaway (3:38)
12. Kansas City (2:58)
13. I Got My Mojo Working (3:37)
14. One Day (3:54)
15. Every Day I Have The Blues (3:50)
16. It’s Too Late Baby (5:51)
17. What Do You Really See In Me (3:56)
18. My Woman’s Gone (4:37)

South Side All-Stars brings together many legends of the Los Angeles blues community. These individuals represent the last vestige, in my opinion, of the black blues society in South Central. Since I became homeless in 1992, living at my dad’s trucking yard in the heart of the south side, I had no knowledge of the people that I have come to know, love, appreciate and work with over the last sixteen years. All of their talents impress me and inspired me to learn more about the blues and to commit to carry on their legacy.

I’ve had the idea for years to do an album to let people know about this talent. So I sought out all of these associations. Because I knew them all, I realized I faced an enormous hill to climb. Even though they were associating in the community, each had his own ego and a great deal of personal pride. I felt that unless someone persisted, they would never be all brought together for the purpose of documenting our history. That someone was me. They all did it because I knew each one personally. I guess I earned enough respect from each over the years that they were willing to come into the studio together and do this. So putting some of my ego aside, I thought it was more than worth the price considering the immense talent that is brought together on one CD.

Each of the fifteen musicians did one song backed up by Joe Kincaid and the Soul Brothers, well known for over twenty five years and familiar with all the players. Each performer has a distinct history of blues under his belt. The CD was recorded at Pacific Studios in Los Angeles earlier this year. After completing the process and listening to the final mix, at a party in South Central, I convinced Deacon Jones (former keyboard player for John Lee Hooker and Freddie King) to come aboard and provide the keyboard for Hideaway, made famous by King. This project is an immense history of the South Central blues community. So from the bottom of my heart and with great appreciation to all involved, I bring to you The South Side All Stars.

-South Side Slim, December 31, 2008

The artists on the CD consist of: Blues Boy Jamie Powell, Sonny Green, Bobby Warren, Ray Bailey, Little Lee, Ray Brooks, Ser Stan, Tutty Gasten, Lester Lands, Oklahoma Ollie, Dr. Hank, Hollis Gillmore, Deacon Jones, AJ, Eddie Harris, Smokey Wilson and Joe Kincaid and the Soul Brothers band, consisting of Norman Weatherly (keyboardist for Rolls Royce), Roger P. on drums, and Rick Jones on bass and Joe Kincaid on rhythm guitar. Strings on all tracks by South Side Slim AKA Henry Harris.

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South Side All Stars Doing Barnyard Hits

Title : South Side All Stars Doing Barnyard Hits
Format : CD

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