Trouble on the South Side

Selected Tracks

  1. Blue Rain South Side Slim 1:00

Full Album

1. Blue Rain
2. V-8 Ford
3. Funky Chicken
4. Last Man Standing
5. Sunset and Vine
6. Hell Hounds on my Trail
7. Guilty Mind
8. Feelin’ Pain
9. The Jam
10. Fire and Ice (The Smoking Gun)
11. Interview with Slim
12. Reminisin’
13. Ride with Me
14. Ride with Me (Instrumental)
15. Trouble on the South Side

South Side Slim just can’t lay low. In Trouble on the South Side, his fifth CD in six years, “the formidable guitar modernist” (Living Blues, October, 2003) masterfully and emotionally pours out extraordinary, modern, and cutting edge blues.

Numerous interviews attest to his strong-minded viewpoint that blues is an unpredictable event. Bubbling from hidden crevices of injustice and protest, passion and lust, hardship and depression. Simply imitating and rehashing a historical body of work reduces those hard won endeavors to a precious canon and an easy commodity.

For Slim, honoring the old blues fathers and mothers is to do what they did, to communicate fresh emotion while playing and singing your heart out. And that’s just what Slim does. But don’t think for a half-beat that originality and feeling imply a lack of musical prowess; in fact, it’s the authority of Slim’s skills that allows him to express himself so effectively.

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Trouble on the South Side

Title : Trouble on the South Side
Format : Digital Download

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