Life Under Pressure

Selected Tracks

  1. Life Under Pressure 1:00
  2. Fast Woman, Fast Cars 1:00
  3. Hound Dog 1:00

Full Album

1. Life Under Pressure (6:42)
2. Fast Woman, Fast Cars (4:08)
3. Hound Dog (4:21)
4. Mister Charlie (5:29)
5. Blue Monday’s Calling (6:13)
6. Circumstances (7:19)
7. County Jail (6:51)
8. Almost Daylight (4:20)
9. Dollar Bill (5:11)
10. Just A Dream (4:28)
11. Disposition (4:22)

In August of 2006, having six hours of studio time long left over from a previous recording session, I decided to go into the studio with fellow musicians from Los Angeles’ South Side to have a jam session from four in the afternoon until ten at night. The cats I asked to join me were LeRoy Martinez, John, and Tokyo Mississippi. Nothing was planned. No songs in mind. We just came to play. I created a juke joint party atmosphere in the studio. I told Glen, the engineer, “Just let it roll, for better or for worse.” I wanted to see what such an innovative vibe might produce. My goal was to try to create a blues album close to my heart without any preconceived notions or the constraints of an orchestrated session. No one had a set list. I simply called off a shuffle, be it fast or slow, or I showed the bass player, “For this one, do this, man.”

Once the groove was laid down, I fed off the emotional tenor of the life situations of what we were all going through: Leroy’s support for his ailing wife, Hiro fighting deportation back to Japan, John dealing with his medical situation, and me losing my family. So it’s only fitting that I call this CD, Life Under Pressure. After hours of painstaking review of what we did, including me listening for the first time to what I created that night, I selected the songs that would be best for this project. With only a couple of exceptions, most of the songs on this CD were improvised during that original jam session. I made whatever edits were necessary, put the songs on discs, and gave them to Willie McNeil, Lester Lands, Rick Jones, and Norman Weatherly to study for a February, 2007 recording session to finalize work on this release. So like I told Glen, “Let it roll, for better or for worse.”

-South Side Slim, March 2009

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Life Under Pressure

Title : Life Under Pressure
Format : CD

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