Raising Hell

Selected Tracks

  1. Blues For Sure South Side Slim 1:00
  2. Young Man South Side Slim 1:00
  3. Raisin' Hell South Side Slim 1:00

Full Album

1. Blues For Sure (4:51)
2. Roadblock (4:38)
3. 8 O’Clock In The Morning (4:31)
4. Young Man (4:35)
5. Comin’ To Your House (4:59)
6. Almost Daylight (4:54)
7. Raisin’ Hell (5:01)
8. Another Lonely Night (5:55)
9. You Can Never Tell (4:58)
10. Kitchen Floor (4:12)
11. Big Money (3:03)
12. I Wish I Was Blind (6:31)

South Side glares at you from the cover of the album like he means business and the opening track, Blues For Sure, confirms this. Vibrant and vigorous, it covers the youth in his voice and highlights the talent in one of the currently least known of the current crop of young guitar whiz kids. Roadblock is a funky blues that has a real attitude with shades of Prince and James Brown. This is followed up with more funky blues in the shape of 8 O’clock In The Morning. This has an eerie guitar feeling and will leave you asking the question, can South Side only play at top speed? Young Man is a more traditional, jazzy blues and the introduction of saxophone is welcome. South Side shows two sides of himself on the sophisticated blues of Comin’ To Your House and the strong and moody blues of Almost Daylight.

Raisin’ Hell is, as the title suggests, a rocking blues that allows Slim to let loose on guitar and boy, does he do just that. There’s a return to the funky blues style for Another Lonely Night and this just serves to confirm how strong a guitar player he is. He can do the traditional as well and You Never Can Tell is about as traditional as he gets. No matter what style he is playing there is no doubting his credentials as a top class guitarist. He sticks with the traditional style for Kitchen Floor and serves up what is probably the track of the album. He could be a big name if he produced more of this quality. There’s a big finish to the album with two more strong tracks, the fast paced jazzy blues of Big Money and I Wish I Was Blind, a Chicago blues. The latter is the better and suits his voice very well a classy finish to a very good album.

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Raising Hell

Title : Raising Hell
Format : CD

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