More Blues from the South Side

Selected Tracks

  1. My Woman is Gone South Side Slim 1:00
  2. Talk to Me South Side Slim 1:00
  3. I Know What You've Been Thinking South Side Slim 1:00

Full Album

1. My Woman Is Gone (S. Wilson) feat The ‘S’
2. Talk To ME (S. Wilson)
3. I Know What You’ve Been Thinkin (S. Wilson)
4. One Day You’re Going To Know Me (S. Wilson)
5. Seven Days (SS. Slim)
6. BB Is The King (S. Wilson, SS. Slim)
7. Country Road (SS. Slim)
8. Confusius (C. Tillman)
9. Angola Blues (C. Tillman)
10. Going Home Tomorrow (C. Tillman)

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More Blues from the South Side

Title : More Blues from the South Side
Format : CD

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